Avalanche Ewayz


*32km assistance

*LCD control display screen

*7spd(14-28T) index shiter

*700x40c tyres

*Bottle cage mount


FORK 700C   Alloy
R/ HUB Bafang 350W
BRAKES Mechanical disc
WHEELS 700c alloy rims

Important notes:

  1. For the first 2 x battery charge cycles the battery should be run down completely and then charged for 24hours.
  2. Should the E.GO be kept in storage or not used for 3 months or more, the battery must be charged for 24hours before riding.
  3. In-store cycling department should read through the full manuals of the bike and the battery to make sure they can answer customer queries.
  4. The 3spd shifter should be used in conjunction with the 5-mode electrical motor to ensure maximum range is met.

Sale features:

  1. Powerful 36V 250W Bafang motor.
  2. Comfort step-through frame design, saddle and handlebar.
  3. Shimano Nexus 3spd internal rear hub – minimal maintenance.
  4. 5 power assist modes.
  5. Front and rear mounted lights.


  1. 1 year warranty on components.
  2. 3 year warranty on the frame.
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